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A new coffee shop opens in Växjö

Växjö • Publicerad 23 juni 2021
Yusif Al-Kifel och Saleh Majdalawi.
Yusif Al-Kifel och Saleh Majdalawi.Foto: Maha Nasser

At the end of May, Café Insta opened at the Blockvägen in Växjö. The café is an initiative undertaken by a group of friends, namely Yusif Al-Kifel, Saleh Majdalawi, Fares and Mohanad Abugharbia. The café opens at four o'clock in the evening and serves, among other things, Arabic and Swedish coffee, juices, cakes and cookies in addition to pastries and salad.

– We are four friends working in the regional forensic psychiatry clinic. We decided to open a gathering place for people after work. because there are not many places like this in Växjö, despite the population density. The idea came when we were returning from work with friends and wanting to go out to relax ourselves with family or friends, there were no places to turn to. Hence the idea of establishing a non-profit association. The association aims to create activities for youth to have fun and spend useful times. The cafe is a part of the association's activities. says Yusif Al-Kifel, a member of the initiative.


In addition to serving coffee and pastries, there will be entertainment activities in the cafe such as: Karaoke and broadcast matches and different types of games.

– With time the place will expand and there will be large screens to broadcast matches and many different activities, says Saleh Majdalawi.

Maha Nasser
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