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Emelie Bergendorff is back with a Swedish-themed Christmas event with a diverse cultural touch

Emelie Bergendorff organizes a Christmas event every Saturday, from 4 to 18 December. The event is distinguished by its cultural diversity, as it will combine the traditional Swedish Christmas, with performances from different cultures of the world.
- At Speakers Corner, we will create a more inclusive Christmas atmosphere as we blend the feel of traditional Swedish Christmas with other Christmases from other parts of the world. According to Emelie Bergendorff.
Växjö • Publicerad 13 december 2021 • Uppdaterad 19 december 2021

Emelie loves cultural diversity and strives to create cultural exchange and integration between different cultures. In addition to its goal of reviving the city of Växjö culturally and musically and creating a happy atmosphere full of joy, which brings together different groups in society and different cultures at all times and promotes integration. After she successfully arranged a dance event with Latin rhythms "Pasos Do Paz" on the pier at Växjösjön on Saturday evenings this summer, and she was awarded the Region Kronoberg's public health reward for creating joy for people and helping to counteract loneliness with dance. Now, Emelie Bergendorff returns with a unique and diverse Christmas event with Swedish traditions and mixed with different cultures. The event will take place every Saturday on the 4th, 11th and 18th of December from 2 pm to 4 pm, at speakers Corner in the center of Växjö. Many creative people will be performing at the event, and in addition, this event will create a platform for talented people who will be performing for the first time. The event will include music, song and dance that will reflect different cultures, in addition to Santa Claus who will be available to take pictures with the children.

- I and a group of local cultural creators will organize an alternative Christmas event. At Speakers Corner, we will create a more inclusive Christmas atmosphere where we mix traditional Swedish Christmas feeling with other Christmas from other parts of the world. Says Emelie Bergendorff.


Emelie has a great interest in the cultural field, and cultural diversity. She believes that these cultures must be mixed and united, to create a wonderful artistic image. In addition, it brings the different races closer and creates a real fusion.

- I am interested in issues related to belonging, integration and meaningful employment. Preferably and with advantage through culture and public education. Because I believe there is a magic in learning from each other rather than learning through a system, I think we become more genuinely interested in being able to be involved and influenced and let ourselves be influenced to break old habits and thought patterns . Culture so that we can get an acquaintance and understanding of each other's cultures and thus create a common culture. Says Emelie.

Emelie has worked with many activities before, including she worked in Innergårdens Marknad and Second Hand store which she ran on Klostergatan in Växjö. In addition, Pasos Do Paz, and she has a samba group, which meets every Wednesday at Araby park arena.

- Golpes Do Paz and samba life is a childhood dream which woke up inside me when I was 11 years old and joined Växjös, the largest samba orchestra of all time "Um Beijo Do Samba". Then we traveled around Sweden with a crackling carnival feeling. I hope to be able to recreate and enliven the cityscape a little more! She says.

Do you have a future plan, to expand your activities in the field of culture?

The future plan is to find a solid core of culturally interested souls who together can build Växjö's new large culture house, which can be a starting point for value-creating activities.

What do you think about culture, can this field create a real integration between groups in society?

I am fully convinced that culture contributes to increased integration, not only between ethnicities but integration between ages, social conditions and classes.

Maha Nasser
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