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Mansoor Mustafa loves flying and helping others

Växjö • Publicerad 25 juni 2021
Foto: Maha Nasser

Mansour Mustafa for Mosaik: -

- I love science a lot, so I strive to learn more and teach others.


- I have a plan to set up an aviation academy in Sweden.

Mansoor Mustafa, a young man who came from Yemen with his family to Sweden in 2004, carries with him his big dream of flying in the air and becoming a pilot. After receiving his secondary and university education in Sweden, he obtained a PHD degree in computer science as well as a master’s degree in human resource management, from Oxford University. After that he obtained a master's degree in piloting aircraft, and then a diploma in politics. Mansoor achieved his dream as a pilot and today he works as a pilot and flight instructor at the same time. In light of the Corona crisis, Mansoor works to deliver vaccines to the countries of the Middle East and European countries. He points out that this is not all. He still wants to learn more and create new dreams and strive to achieve them.

-I received part of my primary education in Sweden and then secondary at the cathedral school. At that time, I was working part-time and studying. I worked with the Open Channel and Channel4, as a video maker and a cameraman. When I started my university studies, I met many students of different nationalities. I was surprised that these students did not know much about Sweden, for example the laws of Sweden, life in Sweden and Swedish culture, and the rights of foreign students in Sweden. So, I decided to help the students with that and opened a YouTube channel through which I was introducing videos showing life in Sweden and culture. I have also aimed to promote tourism in Sweden. In addition to that, to help people coming to Sweden through motivational messages and ideas that may help them to draw inspiration. Recently, I turned this channel into a scientific channel. I love science a lot, so I strive to learn more and teach others. Mansoor said in an interview with Magazinet newspaper and the Mosaik news site.

Mansoor believes that there are many young people who become frustrated when they come to Sweden and face the challenges of the new country. Instead of facing these challenges, they resort to spending their time at home with games, television and social media.

-Some say they make some money by playing games. But I think it is not a healthy way to live and develop from oneself. It could be feasible during a pandemic but as a way of life I think you will lose a lot. Usually they argue that there are no job opportunities. It is true that there are few job opportunities, but if you want to work, you will find work. He says and continues “ For example, recently I chose to help people looking for work through the company arbetslivsresurs, so, I found that many people change their self-esteem after they found a job because one feels that he is productive, so he is of value. It is also unfortunate that we hear Some people only talk about their rights and forget about their duties, so I would like to remind them that just as you have a right, you have a duty."

Mansoor lives with his family in Sweden and says that his family is his little world in which he feels happy and safe. In addition, he loves to exercise and says that sport teaches you patience and discipline and works on the development of your body and mind together.

Do you want to work in politics?

I have obtained a diploma in politics, although I do not want to work in the political field. But I would like to understand this field and help others understand it through political analysis. There is a lot of deficiency in political awareness among young people, so I would like to provide assistance in this area as well.

What is your future ambition?

If a person stops dreaming, life will stop. Therefore, I still have many dreams in my mind. I will talk about the most important of them, which I have already started planning, is the establishment of an aviation academy first in Sweden and then in Yemen. Because Yemeni youth do not have the simplest opportunities in education, so they are more in need of support and assistance. As well as, I am working on another project, but I cannot declare it at this time.


The field of aviation is one of the areas that cause damage to the environment, what is your comment on that?

-I am supportive of the cause of the global warming. But it is certain that in the coming period there will be environmentally friendly aircraft.

Maha Nasser
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