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Two experts respond to common beliefs about the Covid-19 vaccine

There are many beliefs and fears regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. One of these beliefs is that the majority of those in the hospital who are infected with the Corona virus have been fully vaccinated. In addition to the fact that the vaccine has not been adequately tested, and that the vaccine contains a chip through which we can be traced. In order to clarify matters related to the vaccine, we interviewed two experts to respond to 19 people whose opinions were taken regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.
Växjö • Publicerad 14 december 2021
Karl-Mikael Kälkner, clinical investigator at the Medical Products Agency and Christian Blomkvist, infection control doctor at Region Kronoberg. Montage: Smp.
Karl-Mikael Kälkner, clinical investigator at the Medical Products Agency and Christian Blomkvist, infection control doctor at Region Kronoberg. Montage: Smp.

VXO Media and Smålandsposten have spoken to several Kronobergers who have expressed concern about being vaccinated for several different reasons. Kronoberg's former vaccination coordinator, Lena Andersson Nazzal, called some of the allegations pure misinformation.

The infection control doctor Christian Blomkvist (hereafter CB) and Karl-Mikael Kälkner (hereafter KMK), clinical investigator at the Medical Products Agency, answer the allegations based on their expertise and make a judgment - is it true or false!


Does one get a weaker immune system after the vaccine?

KMK: No. When you are vaccinated, you activate the immune system to neutralize what the body perceives as foreign, for covid-19 it is, for example, the nail proteins. You can not get a weaker immune system against any other infections, it is specific to this nail protein in this sars virus that you form the immunity. Fever, redness and pain after vaccination are classic signs that the immune system has started. It is not a sign that you have a bad immune system, but it is a common reaction.

Does the body's own immunity fight the coronavirus as well as the immunity you get from the vaccine?

KMK: Yes and no. It is clear that if you survive covid-19, you have an immune system. If you have a vaccination, you also have a form of immune system against covid-19. Which of them is the best, you can not in itself do a comparative study on. The concern is that you do not know how you will personally react to a covid-19 infection. Complications in a covid-19 infection are clearly much greater than the risks we have seen in connection with vaccination.

Is one infected as vaccinated to the same extent as unvaccinated?

CB: Both. The vaccine primarily protects against serious illness and death, but also has an effect on the spread of infection in several studies. However, you can still be contagious even if you have been vaccinated.

Does it help strengthen your immune system with foods rich in vitamins, iodine and especially omega 3, to avoid being infected with covid-19?

KMK: No. If that was enough, they would have recommended it. Of course you should have a balanced diet and you should avoid vitamin deficiencies. But I have not seen studies that you can boost your immune system to the level that you can resist infections.

The infection control doctor Christian Blomkvist gives a general picture of the covid-19 situation in Kronoberg.
The infection control doctor Christian Blomkvist gives a general picture of the covid-19 situation in Kronoberg.Foto: Filip Sjofors

Are the majority of those who are in hospital with covid-19 in Kronoberg vaccinated?

CB: No. Younger and middle-aged people who need hospital care are in most cases unvaccinated. Some elderly fragile individuals who need hospitalization are vaccinated, but in general they do not become as ill as the unvaccinated elderly.


Are more vaccinated than unvaccinated infected in Kronoberg?

CB: Unclear. Not easy to answer because all vaccinated stopped testing for symptoms after the first of November. (Editor's note: From 22 November, everyone should test themselves again according to new recommendations). There are more unvaccinated who are tested positive, but we do not have any data regionally on this at the moment. However, one must bear in mind that 83 percent of the adult population in our county is vaccinated when comparing the groups, so they are not as large.

Is the vaccine sufficiently tested?

KMK: Yes and no. Do you have to perform long series of follow-ups to find unusual side effects? Yes that's how it is. Has it been done? No, this has not been done, but we do follow-ups for the unusual side effects according to the Medical Products Agency's routine. Because covid-19 is an ongoing infection, long-term studies are not performed. If we had waited for that, we would have had to look at a whole year, which is the norm when approving medicines. In a pandemic, we would have lost development in that way. So it is reasoned that based on the studies of 30,000 patients, the vaccine can be approved based on the fact that we know how the vaccine works in the body and we do not see any alarming reactions. Very unusual symptoms can not be found statistically in a limited study, but you have to follow up to see these.

If the vaccine had been tested for say five to ten years, would protection against covid-19 have been guaranteed then?

KMK: No. Not really. One can never say that something can never arise. It is not possible to say that anything you do is completely without risk. But the more experience you have, the safer sources. I respect that many people think and feel a lot. I hope that the information that is available can be absorbed, that this is a good way to fight a pandemic

Are more people dying from the vaccine than the virus?

KMK and CB: No.

Have people died from the vaccine?

KMK: Unclear. It is extremely complex to know what someone has died of. In general, based on a spontaneous reporting system, it is not possible to decide how common it is. The system is there to find new unusual connections. This is the first piece of the puzzle for us, then we have to look at group level - is there a causal link? All the information we have from the suspected side effect reports must be checked and supplemented with more data to take a position on background factors and background morbidity. We do not work in the way that we judge in individual cases.


We have seen a causal relationship with the vaccine, which is DNA-based in terms of the development of blood clots and a lack of platelets. If we see that there is a cause for the symptom and that you then die from the lack of platelets and thrombosis - yes, then there will be a death from that combination and we have seen that. There are about two to three cases. In other deaths, we have not seen those connections.

Many people get lost when they look at side effect reports. We have received 300 reports of suspected side effects and deaths. Then they say that 300 have died from the vaccine and that is not true. We have received reports with suspected side effects where deaths have been seen as an outcome. But they are not clearly caused by the vaccine.

Does the vaccine cause heart and lung disease?

KMK: Possible. We have seen that myocarditis can occur after vaccination. There we have said that it is probably a connection with the vaccine. Now you get heart muscle inflammation from all the hardships of life anyway. But we've seen it. Everything that we see related at group level, we write in the product information.

Can the vaccine affect menstruation?

KMK: Unclear. This is an issue that we look at in these monthly compilations that the pharmaceutical companies do and that the pharmaceutical authorities also look at. We have not seen anything for or against one or the other at present. Nothing is clear.

Is there a risk of becoming sterile if you take the vaccine?

KMK: No. There is nothing to suggest that. In connection with the approval, animal experiments are performed, and there is nothing with the animal experiments that indicates that it would have an effect on fertility.

Do women get into menopause faster because of the vaccine?

KMK: No. We have not seen that.


Are there any dangerous substances in the vaccine that are not found in other medicines?

KMK: No. There are no strange material in this. Everything in the medicine can be seen in the product information.

Does covid-19 change the genome of the body?

KMK: No. These are protein that are broken down quickly by the body itself, but they are long enough for the body's immune system to perceive that this is foreign to the human body and thus forms antibodies. The task of the immune system is to cleanse, thus sorting out, nothing is stored in the genome. I think it comes from this idea that it is a DNA structure for a couple of the vaccine and an RNA structure, it is a genetic material and then you think it sounds nasty.

Is the area where you take the syringe magnetized?

KMK: No. It's a real misconception, or fabrication. There is no such evidence - that there is magnetism in the syringe or that the immune system could become magnetic. Relatively often, one has seen something on a Youtube channel, that it has stuck both the one and the other on the arm, but there is no such thing.

Is there a chip that is injected into the body in connection with the vaccination so that the state can control us?

KMK: No, no, no.

Is the goal of the vaccine commercial?

KMK: No. Many people believe that you create a crisis that someone will make money from and that you thereby form a vaccine that we buy and need a lot of. These are conspiratorial thoughts, as I see it. This is an infection that affects humanity, we have learned over the last 100 years that vaccines can slow down infections. It is not a commercial creation.

Karl-Mikael Kälkner, associate professor of oncology and clinical investigator at the Medical Products Agency. Photo: Press.
Karl-Mikael Kälkner, associate professor of oncology and clinical investigator at the Medical Products Agency. Photo: Press.Foto: Jeanette Hägglund

Of the 20 or so Kronobergers that VXO Media and Smålandsposten have spoken to, several state that they are afraid of the consequences of the vaccine. They also state that they trust that their own immune system will resist the viurs if they catch it.

Due to the claims above - should you avoid getting vaccinated if you want to avoid the mentioned side effects?

– The fear itself should not be the reason for not getting vaccinated. I understand the fear. It is so difficult to assess how one would react if one became ill with the underlying disease. It is not known if you could cope with the disease. To evaluate these two different risks, this is where we humans have a challenge, to really find the right one, says Karl-Mikael Kälkner and continues:

– Are you guaranteed to receive protection from the vaccine? No. Can you get sick when you are fully vaccinated? Yes. Probably not as ill. Is it common? No. Can I get sick from vaccines? No one can guarantee anything, but based on what we know today, we see that the risk is significantly small.

Those who have had covid-19, why should they take the vaccine if they already have an immune system?

– Some infections are of the nature that you get an immune system that recognizes the virus forever. What we see with the vaccine now is that some need to be replenished. If you have had a covid-19 infection, you do not know how long the defense is on the alert to take the next infection, Karl-Mikael Kälkner concludes.

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