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Art exhibition at Araby Park Arena in Växjö

Växjö • Publicerad 16 mars 2023
Ghassan Enad, konstnär i Växjö
Ghassan Enad, konstnär i VäxjöFoto: Maha Nasser

On the occasion of International Women's Day 8 March, Sensus held an art exhibition, in cooperation with the Municipality of Växjö and Vidingehem AB, in the Arab Park Arena. The exhibition contained more than 40 paintings that embody women from different cultures, and aims to draw attention to the importance of art and attract a large number of those interested in learning art.

- This exhibition is only for women. I exhibited my paintings and the paintings of my students in order to make them feel the importance of art and that their paintings have value and can be displayed. We hold this exhibition annually with the aim of attracting a large number of those interested in artwork, and Araby Park Arena was the right place because there are a large number of people with immigrant backgrounds there, and we want to draw their attention to art and its importance.The aim of the exhibition was also entertaining. In addition to that, there is an artistic message that we also present through the content of the paintings. For example, a woman in her nineties visited the exhibition today and she stood looking at the paintings and then she danced a special dance in front of each painting separately, and when she finished, she came to hug me and give me flowers. When I asked her about the reason, she said, "I have seen all stages of my life in these pictures. I think that this woman received my artistic message. Says Ghassan Enad, an artist and the charge of the exhibition.

I see that all the paintings here embody women. Can you explain to us why you choose women to paint them?

- Women are a vital subject for painting and all the artists drew inspiration from women because art without women is not considered art. Nature can inspire us and animals too, but women remain at the top of the list of inspirations for artists. Women are the main engine of my art and the main engine of life.

Maha Nasser
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