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Businessman Karrar Saad invites Ukrainian refugees to get free services

Växjö • Publicerad 6 april 2022
Foto: Privat

Entrepreneur Karrar Saad from Växjö invites Ukrainian refugees to get free services in his four companies "Nutella crepes house - Barber Shop salon - Bilverksad - Smart green City AB".

The invitation includes, among other things, a free haircut for all ages, men, women and children at the Barber Shop salong. As well as offering a free meal with fika at Nutella crepes house to refugees over the age of 18. In addition to a free car wash and maintenance service for those who can own cars in both Bilverksad and Smart green City AB in Norremark.


- The offer period is for two months, from the beginning of April until the beginning of June, and the period can be extended if more people come who need help. The Ukrainian identity must be proven and proof that he is a refugee. We do not want to take advantage of this offer by people who do not need it, says Karrar Saad, a businessman from Växjö.

What is the motivation for this initiative?

The motive is the tragic situation that the Ukrainians are going through now. I went through almost the same circumstances when the war in Iraq started and I had to take refuge in Sweden. I know very well what it means to be a refugee. These facilities can provide them with a kind of comfort and a feeling of welcome. I want the Ukrainians to feel that they are welcome, that they are not alone, that they are not forgotten, and we will do everything we can for them.

Karrar Saad has previous contributions to creating social solidarity in the community. He offered a free haircut to health employees during the Corona epidemic for a period of four months, as well as a free haircut for the elderly in nursing homes every Sunday for a period of four months. In addition, supporting integration activities. As well as providing internships for young people in its four companies.

Do you have more charitable plans and projects?

Yes, I plan to provide more assistance. If the war on Ukraine continues, I will buy clothes for Ukrainian children and go to the border to distribute them. And I hope that there will be cooperation with companies so that they can sell us clothes at discounted prices. In addition, I have some other charitable projects that I want to implement in Yemen, Syria, Kenya and Egypt.

Maha Nasser
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