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Hanna Bard: I don't blame my biological parents for anything, but I don't think all mothers automatically yearn for the child they have left or abandoned

Hanna Bard, a teacher of Swedish for Foreigners (SFI), is also a writer. Two of her books have been published under the titles "Hadassa and Afnan" and "The Bride of Jihad".
– My novels "Hadassa and Afnan" are about the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, a conflict that I have been thinking about for 20 years and it is important to me, says Hanna.
Växjö • Publicerad 18 mars 2022
Hanna Bard, teacher in swedish for foreigners and an author. Photo: Private.
Hanna Bard, teacher in swedish for foreigners and an author. Photo: Private.

Hanna Bard is swedish with Indian features, calm and deep, carries a lot inside of her and has her own view of the world.Hanna is a teacher of Swedish for Foreigners (SFI) and a writer at the same time. She tries to focus in her writing on important issues that have always occupied the world. Hanna came to Sweden when she was three months old. She was adopted from India by a Swedish family.

- My family consists of my father and my mother, as well as my sister who was also adopted, not my biological sister." Hanna says.


What does being adopted by a swedish family mean to you or how do you feel about it?

I do not know if I can say that it means something special to me because I do not know about anything else.

Hanna does not know her polygenic parents and has no family in India.

- There is no information about my biological parents. My biological mother was probably unmarried when she had me and it is sensitive in large parts of India to have children as an unmarried woman. Even if I had information about my biological mother, it would probably be difficult to look her up. But I do not think I come from a family with two married parents.

How do you feel about your biological family, do you blame them or do you tolerate them?

I do not blame them for anything, but I do not think that all mothers automatically long for the child they have left or abandoned. Hanna says and continues "My real family is my parents who raised me. They're my family. Admittedly, I know I'm not biologically related to them, but that does not matter."

Hanna Bared aspires to graduate as an SFI and high school teacher. She also enjoys writing, and has written two books although they are self-published, and also loves meeting friends and learning about other cultures. She has published two books for her: "Hadassa and Afnan" and "The Bride of Jihad".

Hadassa and Afnan´s book is about Israel and Palestine, a conflict that I have been thinking about for 20 years and which is important to me. The book is about two young women, an Israeli and a Palestinian, who become friends despite their different opinions. The Bride of Jihad is about a swedish girl, who is adopted from India like me. She is converting to Islam, something I also tried to do ten years ago. But the girl in the book becomes an extremist and goes to Syria to join Daesh (IS). The books are published by Vulkan publishing house where you can send in your own script and have it published."

Besides working as a swedish language teacher, Hanna also speaks several languages.

– I speak swedish, english, a little arabic, a little Hebrew as well as a little Portuguese and a little Spanish but I forgot most of the words, unfortunately. In my profession, I meet many students from different countries and many are happy when I know at least a few words in their mother tongue. says Hanna Bard.


Would you advise others to adopt children who do not have a family?

Yes I would recommend adopting children without parents, but it is important to know that many international adoptions have gone wrong and that not all internationally adopted people have the same opinions about adoption, which is an important thing to respect, even as an adoptive parent.

Do you want to adopt children in the future?

Yes, I could do it but I wouldn't do it "just for him" but in this case if the possibility of having biological children was non-existent.

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