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Investment in coffee roasting in Växjö

Växjö • Publicerad 16 mars 2023
Växjöbutiken City Food satsar på kafferostning.
Växjöbutiken City Food satsar på kafferostning.Foto: Maha Nasser

In March, the owners of the City Food store are investing in a coffee grinding and roasting project. There will be a section for roasting and grinding coffee, and there will be, among other things, nuts and spices, in addition to pastries, baklava and others.

- Coffee and fika culture is an important part of Swedish culture, and we wanted to invest in coffee roasting because this project does not exist in Sweden. In addition, Arabic coffee is desirable and there is a great demand for it by customers. The coffee that will be roasted is Brazilian coffee and Arabic coffee. In addition to coffee, there will be hot nuts and spices that are imported from India, Greece and the Middle East. We also have a machine for grinding sesame and making sesame tahini. Says Store manager Bennie Mattisson.

The City Food store opened in 2016, and today it has about 14 employees. A person who specializes in roasting coffee and assisting customers will now be employed.

Is there a plan to expand the coffee roasting project?

Yes, there is a plan to expand and open coffee roasting shops in several Swedish cities. Currently, investment is difficult because of the economic inflation that affected us and all investors, but in case the economic situation improves, there are plans to invest in other projects.

Maha Nasser
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