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New job for Patric Mrad - will help more people into working life

Publicerad 20 februari 2022

Patric Mrad has taken up the position of Area Manager for Eyes for work, in most cities and municipalities in southern Sweden. He has previously worked as a marketing manager and coordinator for matching services as well as Vocational and study preparation modules at the Arenakoncernen, he has also previously worked at Arcus' education and job placement where he was responsible for several offices as a supervisor.

- We are expanding the company in many cities and many regions. Currently we have more than 100 offices, and we still need to open more offices in order to be close to all the job seekers who need help." Patric Mrad says.


The company Eyes for Work now needs to hire many employees. According to Patric, they need supervisors andjob matchmakers. "Our plan now is to hire staff who have good experience of helping jobseekers in work or study. Among other things, we need multilingual staff to help people who still can't speak Swedish. In addition to providing special and intensive support to help people who have not received an education in their home countries or have not obtained high school. We provide them with vocational or short-term training, as well as a labor market training. Currently, we have started the (Rusta och Matcha) program.There is also very good collaboration with employers, municipalities and the Swedish Public Employment Service and we want the collaboration to grow and become even better. He says.

Patrick also points out that since the beginning of the year, work has been affected by the spread of the Covid-19 infection.

- Most of the meetings are shifted remotely and there are people who have difficulty in dealing with the digital. Therefore, we try to be available in the offices to help those who face Difficulty with remote meetings. But we follow the instructions of the Swedish public health authority and the advice of the Labor Office. Patric Says.

Patrick worked as a translator, in addition he has been training karate for over 20 years and is an instructor for children and young people at the karate club. He says he chose to work helping job seekers because he loves to help others. “I am happy whenever someone succeeds, and is able to get a job, because I feel that my efforts are paying off.

What are your expectations for 2022?

I'm very optimistic. I expect the labor market to flourish. And more and more jobseekers will be hired during the year 2022. I also believe that Eyes4work will play a very important role in the labor market and help many participants achieve their goals and dreams.

Maha Nasser
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