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Opening of a new oriental restaurant in Växjö

Växjö • Publicerad 15 februari 2022
Uday Mashhadani och Ali Denefat öppnar nya La Strada.
Uday Mashhadani och Ali Denefat öppnar nya La Strada.Foto: Maha Nasser

Pizzeria La Strada, an oriental restaurant, has opened on Verkstadsgatan 18, in Växjö. They are Uday Mashhadani and Ali Denefat who invest in the restaurant. The restaurant serves both Iraqi and Syrian cuisine, in addition to Italian pizza.

- La Strada combines three restaurants. We invest in Iraqi food, such as al-Qozi, Iraqi kebab, in addition to Syrian food and Italian pizza. In the future, we want to add Turkish food to the menu. We also have home delivery." Says Uday Mashhadani.


Uday worked in the IT field as a Director at ArrowSweden AB until 2020, when a lot of companies were affected by the pandemic. In addition, he managed many restaurants and invested in a pizza restaurant previously. Uday points out that investment in Växjö is growing due to the presence of commercial and competition movement, in addition to the municipality's support for commercial movement. However, Uday says that there are many obstacles standing in the way of investment in all fields.

- The restaurant industry is booming in Sweden, but it was hit by a strong shake during the epidemic, and now there is another challenge, which is the increase in electricity prices exponentially, and this is considered a major obstacle to investment. With regard to the restaurant industry, another challenge is the lack of trained staff in serving restaurants, such as chefs, pizza experts, grills, etc. People do not want to work in restaurants. Currently, I need to hire two experienced restaurant workers. He says.

Do you recommend investing?

Usually people are afraid to invest because they are afraid of losing. I was very afraid when I invested for the first time, but I overcame the fear at the first investment experience, I had enough courage to open the second shop. I recommend investing but you must have experience in the field you want to invest in.

Are you thinking of expanding in the future?

I prefer to focus on developing and expanding this restaurant and providing better service. But I want to open an electronics maintenance shop soon, and I will hire at least one person first and then I can expand into this industry. Currently, I have an electronics maintenance workshop at home.

Maha Nasser
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