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Opening of a pastry shop in Växjö

Växjö • Publicerad 27 februari 2023
Muhammad Alqadomi and Taher El eid
Muhammad Alqadomi and Taher El eidFoto: Maha Nasser

Businessman Ahmed Alqadomi continues his investments in Växjö. He and his partner Taher El Eid opened a pastry shop on Friday at Storgatan 54, in Växjö. The store offers, among other things, various types of oriental, Swedish and French pastries and baked goods, such as various kinds of tart, baklava, dumplings, harissa, cakes and other baked goods.

- We waited a long time to start this project and open the pastry. We have the knowledge and experience and We were waiting for the right time only, but the project was postponed due to the Corona crisis. After we started, we tried to fill the shop with different kinds of baked goods, which is a mixture of Swedish, oriental and French baked goods as well. Soon we will offer lactose-milk and sugar free baked goods. Swedish society likes this tradition, and we try to integrate cultures through what we offer. We opened this project in partnership with Taher El Eid, who is responsible for making pastries. Taher has long experience and also trained as a pastry chef. He is skilled in making different types of baked goods and sweets. He had a pastry shop in Iraq and also invested in the Araby. Because we have the same interest, we decided to open this shop. As Muhammad Alqadomi the project manager says.


Do you have a place for customers to sit and eat here?

Currently we have an outdoor service which is valid during the summer days, but in the future we can expand the store. We have space and we can make use of it and there will be a place for those who like to sit and have a pastry with a coffee.

How do you feel today when you open a new project within your series of investments?

Every new store or restaurant we open we feel that this is our first project. We are very happy today because there is a great interest even though it is the first opening day. Customer satisfaction with what we offer gives us an incentive to continue and we are keen to provide our services with high quality.

Kungs bageri har öppnat i Växjö.
Kungs bageri har öppnat i Växjö.Foto: Maha Nasser
Maha Nasser
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