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Opening of a women's and children's clothing store in Växjö

Växjö • Publicerad 22 januari 2023
Nada Shaban har öppnat en ny butik i Växjö.
Nada Shaban har öppnat en ny butik i Växjö.Foto: Maha Nasser

This month, the NadaMode clothing store opened inside the City food building at Smedjegatan 24, Växjö. It is sold in the clothing store, among other things, ready-made clothes for women and children, and clothes for veiled women and others.

- The idea for the project came when I was having problems finding clothes that fit me, and I had to travel to Turkey to spend vacations and shop at the same time. After that I decided to open a NadaMode store. Most of the clothes in the shop now are Turkish clothes, because Turkish clothes are close to oriental clothing design, and there are a lot of customers who want this kind of clothes. In the near future I will provide many brands and designs, and I am also thinking of expanding if the project succeeds. Says the owner of the shop, Nada Shaban.


NadaMode is not Nada's first project. Nada previously opened a gift shop, but the project did not succeed.

- The project did not succeed because I did not know the country, the laws and the language, and I did not have enough management experience. So I turned after that towards education and studied as a nanny, and I am currently working as a nanny, and I also work on my own project as well. My husband and I worked and we were able to collect an amount With the money we started the project. As Nada says.

Do you think that people's reliance on online shopping has become a competitor to physical stores?

Yes, there is competition, but there are still disadvantages to online shopping. Which is often the case that the goods we buy online are not identical to the pictures, or there are quality and measurement problems or manufacturing defects. In the event that you want to return the goods, you must pay the shipping fees. In addition, there are people who like to actually shop and choose their goods before buying and trying them on, and I am one of them.

Maha Nasser
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