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Opening of an oriental food buffet in Växjö

Växjö • Publicerad 27 februari 2023
Foto: David Färdigh

This month, businessman Ahmed Alqadomi opened an open buffet of oriental food in the Kungsgrillen restaurant in the center of Växjö. The buffet is open every day of the week from 11:00 until 14:00, except weekends, and the buffet offers, among other things, various types of oriental dishes such as oriental salads, kibbeh, pies, mandi soup, musakhan and in addition to special meals for vegetarians.

- The idea is to provide oriental food for oriental food lovers and those who like to try different food.We opened the project at the beginning of February and so far there is a great interest, and we also received support from the municipality employees who book the place to conduct their meetings and have lunch here. Customers have highly praised the type of food that we serve. This motivates us a lot to continue and give our best. Says Umm Obayda, the project manager.


In addition to the buffet, there is a readiness to accommodate all requests for parties and events, such as weddings and others. Currently, there are two employees and it is possible to hire more if the project expands.

- I love working in the kitchen and I love cooking. This project gave me an opportunity to express myself through preparing the food I serve. I was on sick leave for a long time and today I came back to life through this project and I am so grateful for that. Says Umm Obayda, the project manager.

Is there an expansion plan?

If the project is successful, we will certainly expand further, and there will be breakfast and dinner as well. We also plan to provide an iftar meal during Ramadan on the weekends. Currently there are two employees and in case we expand, we will hire more. As Ahmed Alqadomi says.

Maha Nasser
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