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Opening of the Crown hair and beauty salon in the center of Växjö

Växjö • Publicerad 15 januari 2023
Karrar Saad satsar på frisör- och skönhetssalongen Crown Salong.
Karrar Saad satsar på frisör- och skönhetssalongen Crown Salong.Foto: Maha Nasser

The Crown hair and beauty salon will open on the 16th of January at Norra Järnvägsgatan 12 in the center of Växjö. It is the businessman Karrar Saad who invests in a barber and beauty salon for men and women, and laser hair treatment, in addition to providing hairdressing and make-up services for weddings and events for women, as well as selling creams for treating hair and skin problems.

- This salon is an extension of the Kings Frisör barbershop project. We have expanded now because we have a lot of customers. In addition to Kings Frisör barbershop salon is only for men, and many of the customers were women who used to come to the salon and ask for service, and since the salon is small, it is not possible to open a place for women. So we decided to open a new salon that provides many cosmetic services. We chose the city center to be close to all our customers, especially university and school students. We will offer special prices in addition to opening offers and a discount 30% for university students and schools, as well as offers for care staff. We will offer competitive prices where prices will be close to Kings Frisör barbershop salon prices. I want to be distinguished by the price and service that we provide. Because my goal is to satisfy my customers and provide distinguished service at a distinguished price and attract new customers. Despite the fact that Some people, when they see the price as cheap, expect that the service provided is not good, but we provide excellent service at a lower price.Says Karrar Saad, the owner of the salon.


How many employees will be employed?

We have a distinguished staff with long experience in this field. In the beginning, we will hire two employees in the hairdressing and shaving department, and another employee in the laser treatment department.

Do you think that the period is suitable for investment, especially with the high rate of inflation and there are many bankruptcies in Kronoberg?

The stage is already difficult, but we must go through experience and adventure and struggle. What is important is the type of service that you intend to provide as an investor. There are services that may not work under the current situation. For barbershop services, it may be affected, but not to that extent. That is why I decided to provide the service at a reasonable price in order to encourage and help people at the same time. I am optimistic and patient when it comes to investing. When I opened the Kings Frisör barbershop salon in the first month I had only one customer, today I have many customers and that is why I am expanding.

Do you have a plan for more investments in Växjö?

I intend to expand the Crown Salon and open a section for massages and a section for nail care.

På Norra Järnvägsgatan 12 öppnar Crown Salong.
På Norra Järnvägsgatan 12 öppnar Crown Salong.Foto: Maha Nasser
Maha Nasser
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