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Syriano Restaurant introduces the concept of serving food with fire

Växjö • Publicerad 9 mars 2022
Foto: Maha Nasser

Syriano Restaurant opened in Verkstadsgatan18 in Växjö, a year ago. Now they introducing a new concept of serving food in the Turkish way, where the food is served with fire so that the fire remains burning under the food while it is eaten.

- Syriano Restaurant is the only Syrian restaurant in the Kronoberg region. We offer, among other meals, grills of various kinds, shawarma, pastries, and others. Now we are entering a new concept, which is the method of serving food with fire so that the food remains hot while eating." Says Rami Nasra, the owner of the restaurant says:


The owner of the restaurant is planning to expand and renovate the restaurant during the month of April. He also plans to open another restaurant in Växjö.

- We have a plan to open another restaurant in Växjö, and we are currently looking for a suitable location, which is expected to be in the center of Växjö or in Grand Samarkand. It is also expected that we will need six or seven employees." As Rami says.

Rami has experience in managing restaurants as he owned a restaurant in Syria, but when he came to Sweden seven years ago he worked in home care, and about a year ago he decided to open his own restaurant in Växjö.

- The restaurant industry is good and flourishes in Sweden, but it is not easy and depends on good service and good food. When it comes to Växjö, investment is booming and it is the center of many municipalities of the province. For example, Alvesta, Ljungby, Lessebo and even Kalmar. Sometimes there are customers who come from Kalmar.

Maha Nasser
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