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The giant lies within us

En krönika skriven av Maha Nasser.
Växjö • Publicerad 19 februari 2021
Detta är en opinionstext i Mosaik Vxonews. Åsikter som uttrycks är skribentens egna.

There are many stories about the giant of the magic Lantern and the Sulaiman"s ring. I still remember the cartoon series "Alladdin" who used to have a magic lantern when he rubbed it three times, a thick smoke came out of it, and the smoke turned into a giant. He said to him, "Speck your servant is in your hands," then told him that he has only three wishes, meaning that the giant will only come out of his magic lantern three times. We wished when we were young that we would have that magic lantern so that we could fulfill at least three wishes. We did not know that we possess a magic lantern capable of fulfilling our wishes. But our giant does not only offer us three wishes, he provides us with an unlimited number of wishes. You may be wondering about that giant, where is he and why do we not see him, and why does he not come to fulfill our wishes?

This giant lies within us! You may wonder with astonishment, where exactly is inside us? Our subconscious mind is the giant that lies within us. Yes, our subconscious mind has the power to create miracles and has the power to solve all the problems of the world. For this giant to respond to us and become obedient to our command, it is necessary to decipher the code that enables us to communicate with it and dictate our orders to it. Deciphering the code that enable us to reach our subconscious mind, or demolishing the barrier that prevents us from using our subconscious mind in the best way, which would make us benefit from the potential inside us or the giant as I described in this article depends on certain strategies, the most important of which is auto-suggestion. Autosuggestion is a person's suggestion of himself or what the person says to himself, in other words, it is your inner voice. Or it is the means of communication between the part of the brain in which conscious thinking occurs and the source of the movement of the subconscious, as scientists have defined it. autosuggestion voluntarily reaches the subconscious mind and affects it regardless of whether these thoughts are positive or negative. No thought, whether positive or negative, can enter the subconscious without the help of autosuggestion. It is always said of the subconscious mind that it is like a fertile garden if you do not plant good crops, weeds will grow in it.


So, how does autosuggestion work?

For our subconscious mind to achieve what we want, we must dictate the commands to it first, and keep repeating them loudly permanently. It would be a good idea to write what you want and put it somewhere you can always see it. Those commands must be accompanied by emotion and absolute belief that you will get what you want. That is like, to see yourself living the situation that you want to be or owning something that you really want to have. An absolute belief in things and thoughts accompanied by emotion and faith as magic when it comes to influence our minds. This is not just talk, but there were many experiments conducted on this matter. I will list only one here. It is when a researcher professor told one of the prisoners sentenced to death and he told him that he would conduct an experiment on him and would pay a sum of money to his family. the professor explained to him how he would kill him by drawing his blood. So, the prisoner agreed, and the process began. The prisoner lay blindfolded and began to hear the sound of drops in a bowl. After a while, the professor discovered that the prisoner had already died, even though he had not drawn his blood, but what he was hearing was just drops of water. But what killed the prisoner was his belief in the idea and that what he heard was his blood drops. Therefore, we must pay attention to our thoughts, as an idea can kill and may make us live a miserable life. When we change the way we think and view of life, we change all of our lives. In addition to that, we heard and saw people who embody their dreams, such as drawing their dream home or a car or a partner of their dreams and putting them in a place where they can see them always and every day with faith mixed with passion and enthusiasm that they will actually get what they really want. Indeed, these people got what they really wanted.

Some say that there are some people who are born with high vibration and can easily attract what they respond to. I don't know for sure if that is true. But even if you are not born with high vibrations, you can raise your vibration and be in harmony with the universe by practicing meditation and believing in your ability to achieve what you want. On the other hand, you must know that your subconscious mind will not make you see things embodied in front of you without making any effort, but it will help you by making plans to achieve what you want and by focusing on the opportunities that may pass in front of you without noticing them, and through intuition as well or what is called quick idea. Any idea that suddenly arises in our minds. These ideas usually come to us when we wake up in the middle of the night or early in the morning, or while we are meditating. In this case, you should write it down immediately, because it may not come to you again and may be forgotten.

For years and years, we used autosuggestion, but in a negative way, we kept saying that we were miserable and that we were unlucky and we kept giving energy to all this talk and thus it becomes a tangible reality, because it is impossible to have a pessimistic conviction and a pessimistic mouth and expect to have a different reality. As long as you did not ask for it and did not give it energy. Because our thoughts and expectations tend not to disappoint us. Therefore, you must watch your inner voice because this is very important. Watch what your inner voice says, does it tell you that you are a miserable and unfortunate person, and other negative connotations. If you must change that and try to give yourself positive connotations instead. As if you say I am lucky I am happy I am grateful for everything in my life I deserve abundance of everything. Always repeat these positive phrases because this is exactly what is called autosuggestion. If you take control of your thoughts, you take control of your entire life. If you can communicate with your subconscious mind, it will achieve all you want. Many believers in God say that everything that happens with them is out of their control. And God is the one who chooses everything for them. And I say that, this is not true! We are the ones who choose, because God has given us absolute freedom to choose. So, if you are miserable do not say that God chose me to be miserable. You are the one who made yourself miserable because you did not use the energy and talent that God gave you. Because we are all talented, we all have capabilities and possibilities.

Maha Nasser