Zoom Tacos Restaurant opens in Växjö

Växjö • Publicerad 6 november 2020
Foto: Maha Nasser

On Monday the 2nd of November, the Zoom Tacos fast food restaurant opened in Norra järnvägsgatan 4 in Växjö.The restaurant will serve Mexican food which is made with Mexican spices. Among other things, the restaurant will offer Mexican pasta, Mexican rice and roll, tortilla, tacos, fahita, chickens, kebabs, as well as vegetarian and quesadilla food.

- I am very happy with this opening, today I see the project that started with just an idea and became a tangible reality on the ground. The idea started when we were selling fast food in Zoom's grocery and we saw that there is a demand for food. The idea of opening the restaurant came up. Says Samer Sam.

Why did you choose to reflect the Mexican culture?

I used to live in the USA and liked Mexican culture and food very much. When I came to Växjö, I found that there is no Mexican restaurant, so I loved to do this experiment and serve Mexican food. This project is completely new inVäxjö.

Regarding the Corona epidemic have you taken into account the rules of social distancing?

Firstly, the restaurant is not large and it is only for fast food. Nevertheless, we have 3 tables for those who want to eat here, and of course there is a distance between the tables. In addition to receiving guests here, there will be home delivery service.

Do you have an expansion plan?

Currently I have four employees. We also have a plan to expand and transfer the experience to several Swedish cities such as Malmö, Stockholm, Göteborg and other cities if the project succeeds. Among other things, There is a snack party day on Friday the 6th of November. We invite everyone to come and taste the Mexican food!

Maha Nasser
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