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Idol turned teammate

Öster IF have called up Victor Stulic to the senior squad. The intention is for the young goalkeeper to develop alongside fellow role model Robin Malmkvist.
Växjö • Publicerad 29 januari 2019
Foto: Filip Sjöfors

Öster IF are doing their best in preparation for the upcoming season. So far there has been no new signing, although among the goalkeepers there is a fresh face. Darmin Sobo decided to leave ÖIF in favour of Växjö Norra. At which point the club put their faith in the young Victor Stulic, born 2002, as the backup for the experienced Robin Malmkvist.

– It feels great to sign with the senior team. This is what Ive worked towards and its a great honour to be part of this squad, says Stulic.


According to the young goalie there are advantages to having Malmkvist as his competitor, the dream of playing professionally is alive and well and he believes that his fellow goalkeeper can aid him in taking the next steps.

- Hes been giving me tips during practice and in the locker room, hes great and so is our position coach.

- Ive looked up to the goalkeepers in the senior team, robin being one of them, and now Im here myself. It feels great.

Whats your goal, do you aspire to playing at a higher level?

- My biggest goal, football-wise is to play for Liverpool.

However, the Premier League is still far down the road for Stulic. Whose focus primarily lies with ÖIF and the upcoming season.

- I want to develop as much as possible and learn all I can. The first goal is to get in the swing of things with the senior team.

How do you view your chances of playing this season?

- If Robin were to get injured or anything of the sorts, I dont think the plan is for me to play yet. However, if I get the opportunity, Ill be ready.

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