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Large retail chain opens a new store in Växjö

Växjö • Publicerad 29 maj 2019
Foto: Nadia Hagberg

Jysk has closed its shop at Västerport in Växjö. Instead, the large retail chain opens a new store at the Samarkand area, right next to XXL, on Thursday.

– The room is completely different. It is brighter and fresher. It feels really exciting, says Lisa Welin Gussén, who is the new store manager in Växjö.


The new store is about 1,200 square meters and has been equipped with a new concept and with a more inspiring layout.

– There are decorated walls and a larger whole. In addition, we have a patio with our garden furniture that we have not had before. We will now be in a great location at the commercial area with lots of people.

The staff from the previous shop have followed the new premises. In the future, they may also be hiring more people.

Jysk opened its first store in Växjö in 1991. The shop was then Jysk's second store ever in Sweden. The store has been on Arabygatan since 2003.

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