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Pupils from Växjö excited for the ski challenge

A real skiing adventure awaits the pupils at Centrumskolan when they participate in the Ungdomsvasan. Three of the skiers who are going to ski the nine kilometers are Alia Abdirahman, Sara Abdi and Sali Hussein.
– This week we exercise hard with roller skis and cardio.
Växjö • Publicerad 12 februari 2020
Foto: David Färdigh

The classic goal in Mora awaits for Alia, Sara and Sali. A total of 30 pupils in grade six at Centrumskolan in Växjö are going to Dalarna next weekend.

– Exactly how many people are skiing is not decided yet. The pupils who do not ski will act as a cheering section, says teacher and project manager David Schylander.


Neither Alia, Sara nor Sali have skied before, but on the other hand they have followed Vasaloppet on television.

– At that time it looked quite easy but it is more difficult in reality, Alia notes.

The training has been going on since the beginning of October. Every week, they have a pass with roller skis around the school combined with strength passes. However, the mild winter has limited training on snow.

– But we have a few passes in the snow tracks at Junibacken.

The Ungdomsvasan takes place on Sunday, February 23rd. This past week, preparations are being intensified with both extra passes with roller skis and fitness training at Telekonsult Arena. The distance the pupils will be able to cope with in Mora is nine kilometers.

– My goal is to make the race in 50 minutes, Alia says.

– We aim for an hour, says Sara and Sali.

What weather are you hoping for?

– Sunny and cold.

David Schylander says that Centrumskolan’s ambition is to invest in Ungdomsvasan permanently. To enable participation, the school has been assisted by sponsors.

– They finance clothes and the bus trip.

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