Shady goes to the match of his life

Foto:David Färdigh

Next Saturday, the professional boxer Shady Gamhour will travel from Växjö to the most important match of his life when he challenges Travis Scott about the middle-class NBA belt. The game is in Mississippi and a win would mean Shady steps in among the 70 best boxers in the world.

Mosaik meets Shady at the boxing club ATF Gym in central Växjö, where, together with coach Andrija Martic, he prepares with training and sparring for the big battalion in the US next weekend. Last year Shady captured the WBF belt in the middleweight at a Las Vegas gala, but this time it is the Mississippi and the NBA belt.

– The NBA is a boxing organization with greater status and a win would mean that he takes a huge step up in the rankings and is among the 70 best in the world, says Andrija.

Shandy has had an exceptional development curve in recent years. Behind the success lies extreme training discipline, mental strength and above all a strong will.

– I have an inner glow that drives me, says Shady.