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The Lessebo company is laying off 90 employees

Lessebo • Publicerad 1 april 2020
Lessebo Paper.
Lessebo Paper.Foto: Smålandsposten

The pandemic has put Sweden's economy under severe pressure and many companies are fighting for their survival. Some companies choose to notify or kick their employees. Others choose to short-term lay off staff, which means that the employee will work less hours during a shorter period of time.

go down during working hours for a certain period.


As of April 1, about 90 out of 100 employees at the paper maker Lessebo Paper will be laid off and start working 40 percent instead of 100 percent. According to Smålandsposten, employees will lose 7.5 percent of their salary but keep their jobs.

– It's good that you can do this instead of notifying. I can not see it in any other way, it is a good solution that the state has made, Lars Turunen, chairman of the local trade union in Pappers, tells Smålandsposten.

The measure is taken because that paper mills do not receive as many orders as they usually do because of the coronavirus.

– I think it's a great initiative and that the government has done this well. This helps us as a business, and it would have been tough without it, says Eric Sigurdsson, CEO of Lessebo Paper, to Smålandsposten.

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