A multisports-arena is proposed in Växjö


In a citizen proposal, it is proposed that a multi-sports arena should be built in the area around Ringsberg, preferably on the Spetsamossen or up at Ringsberg School.

The proposal raises similar facilities in Växjö, as on Vintervägen and at Hov's new activity park. However, the citizen believes that it may be a little too far for the children in the area at Ringsberg to get away to these areas themselves.

The citizen proposal emphasizes that the Ringsberg School does not have its own gymnasium and that a new multi-arena could also be used daytime by schools and preschools.

"We want our children and young people in this area to have easy access to spontaneous sports and a place where they can easily meet up and play together instead of sitting at home in front of the screen. They want a natural meeting place for sports and community", it says in the citizen proposal.