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Växjö resident in a big accident in Italy

Publicerad 1 augusti 2019
Foto: Läsarbild

In July, a traffic accident occurred with a total of four vehicles involved a few kilometers outside the Italian city of Cairo Montenotte. Among the people involved in the accident were two 21-year-old Växjö residents. Simon and his friend were on a car holiday through Europe and drove through Italy to come to Slovenia when a truck drove towards them.

- When he was only a short distance from us he changed file and was on his way to a frontal crash. But I managed to swing away so much that our rear part of the car got hit instead. The truck crashed with the car behind us, but that driver managed with minor injuries.

How did you react when you saw the truck?

- To see the truck come straight towards one and not grasp what happens until a few meters before a collision was an extreme fear and even today one have not probably figured out what could have happened to us if it were not because the road branch had a holes in themselves just at the collision.

According to Italian media, the truck driver must have been ill. In total, four should have been injured in the incident. Simon and his friend feel good, according to the circumstances. They should have been injured in connection with the accident, but it is unclear how serious and what it will have in the future.

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