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The unnecessarily friendly community carriers

A chronicle written by Nadim Ghazale.
Växjö • Publicerad 16 juli 2020
Detta är en personligt skriven text i Mosaik Vxonews. Åsikter som uttrycks är skribentens egna.

Only now do the people who cook for us, take care of our elders and release our children get the attention and gratitude they have always deserved.

One summer as a teenager about 20 years ago, I worked as a caretaker at a dementia residence in Ulricehamn. The job was to take care of the elderly who lived there, serve them food, take care of their hygiene and have the same conversation with them day in and day out. The staff who worked there were incredibly patient, friendly and loyal to both work and employers.


In addition to the experience of caring staff through various sports-related injuries, this was my first meeting with the people working on taking care of others. An ungrateful job that is best described as a calling more than a job. Then I married a nurse and have closely followed her work, working conditions, status and salary development for many years.

But it is only now that I find myself seeing that the people who cook for us, care for our elders and redeem our children receive the attention and gratitude that they have always deserved. All that was required was that they stand at the front in the battle against a deadly and socially paralyzing virus. Then our eyes were opened, and we could really appreciate what they actually do for us.

In an unnecessarily friendly way, they ask us to respect and follow the guidelines of the Public Health Authority.

They appeal to us not to spend time in groups, to keep our distance and not to meet our elderly. They try to take their place on social media and show their reality, but their valiant attempts are drowned out in the noise by the usual loud noises that would rather argue about the Swedish strategy. And they sit themselves under-stimulated and tread on the couch at home for the fifteenth night in a row while they see on Instagram how others live their lives as usual. The people who respectfully disregard advice and recommendations. For example, our parents have not met our children for several weeks while others meet relatives and friends as if nothing had happened.

It is, to put it bluntly, provocative to see those who do not sacrifice anything when there are people who sacrifice everything. The disrespect of those who are at risk of their own health taking care of the health of others is astonishingly unsolid and selfishly annoying.

This text was written on the anniversary of the terrorist attack on Drottninggatan 2017. That was what was required for the police to be appreciated, evaluated and celebrated. When we could literally see how the cops ran against the danger when others ran away from it. A picture taken by Svenska Dagbladet's photographer Tomas Oneborg, which tragically, is one of those who died from this virus.

It is a shame that terrorist acts and deadly viruses are required for those who support our society to receive the long-suffering they have been worth. At least let us not only applaud them, but also help ease their extra heavy burden right now.