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Maha Nasser: The Free Speech House in Växjö is a cultural identity and literary platform

Detta är en personligt skriven text i mosaik.vxonews. Åsikter som uttrycks är skribentens egna.

The Free Speech House in Växjö is a prominent literary and cultural platform in the city. There are many cultural and literary activities. It carries out many projects that contribute to preparing a generation that loves reading, writing and literature, and looking forward freedom of expression and opinion.

The Free Speech house aims since its foundation in 2014 to unify the literary heritage and grant freedom of expression to all. It contributes to the consolidation of a cultural identity based on pluralism and openness to other cultures. As well as it holds many activities that promote the language of dialogue, in coordination with local, regional and international institutions. Since Växjö has become a safe haven for persecuted writers and journalists. The Free Speech House was the platform that allowed these writers to express themselves and move forward to continue their literary and media career. Since I came to Växjö, the Free Speech House was the one which welcomed me as a journalist at risk. And I was looking forward to getting support and encouragement and getting the space to make my voice heard. I wanted to express everything that I want to say freely. It was the Free Speech that gave me that space. It also grants that space to another writers and journalists. Through it I got all the support and encouragement. It was the platform which I could make my voice heard. As I will publish my first book which highlights violence against women in our societies, later this year.

The Free Speech House is a name that refers to a lot of what it offers in this field and works to protect the free speech and gives space to everyone with freedom of expression. It is an important part of the cultural and literary identity of Växjö city. Therefore, the decision to cancel or limit the activity of this literary platform is not a correct decision at all. Växjö will lose a lot in literary and cultural terms if this institution is absent. The Free Speech House represents an independent identity by itself through the positive role it plays in promoting the cultural and literary side. It was most appropriate for the leaders of the Växjö’s municipality to pay attention to this platform and give it more support. Because it represents the frontage of the city and reflects its features and direction. The Free Speech House added a lot to the city and its name was associated with the names of many writers and creators. It is also not right to merge the Free Speech House with any other institution such as the library or others. Because the Free Speech House has its own identity and activity, and this identity itself enhances the cultural identity of Växjö city. This institution must remain independent and a prominent literary and cultural platform that reflects the features of the city which collecting different cultures and a safe haven for those who were persecuted because they raised their voices in the face of corruption and injustice.

The abolition of the free Speech house is an attempt to eliminate the space for freedom of expression. It is also an attempt to obliterate the features of Växjö city. The Free Speech House must be supported and encouraged by Växjö's leaders. It must be allocated a budget to ensure its continuation and get a suitable place which allows it to continue its great role and keep it as a cultural platform of moral value for Växjö city.